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Reebok is an American-inspired, global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women’s categories. The brand is committed to designing products and marketing programs that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo.
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captions Reebok rebrand: We were asked to help create a new look to give Reebok a stronger on-field presence, seamless bond across all divisions and a non-bias gender feel.
captions Reebok’s Inflatables and Baseball catalogs.
captions Reebok’s Spring/Summer 2010 Brand Range and Apparel catalogs.
captions Reebok Retail Environment catalog: catalog of custom fixtures and merchandising solutions for Reebok’s retail environments.
captions Reebok’s specialty women’s footwear wholesale and retail catalogs.
captions Reebok’s inline apparel and footwear catalogs.
captions Reebok’s running specialty catalogs.
captions Reebok’s Rbk Jet collection catalogs.
captions Product logos
Fusion Ride: logo for a new line of running shoes that combine several new technologies
Trail FX: Logo for a line of trail running shoes. The logo appears at the top of the tongue

Technology logos
O2R technology: logo for a patented composite sole material made of oxygenated rubber
Opti-Flex Zone: logo for a patented technology that allows the forefoot area of shoe sole added flexibility
Transition Bridge: logo for a patented technology that compensates for and controls torsion in the bridge of the sole
captions Reebok and CBS’s collaboration on the original Survivor series instore promotions.
captions Reebok's G-Unit footwear point of purchase.
captions Reebok’s Answer IV and IX point of purchase.
captions Reebok assorted point of purchase.